Losing weight is hard. If it weren’t, there wouldn’t be a 72+ billion dollar industry devoted to weight loss, fitness, and diet control. 

At the same time, losing weight isn’t impossible either. And it can be made easier with these tried and true techniques:

Don’t skip meals – especially breakfast. Studies show that people who skip breakfast are less successful at reaching their weight loss goals. This is likely due to the slow down in metabolism from skipping this vital meal, plus the impact on insulin levels and cravings as the day goes on. Ever notice that when you skip breakfast you’re starving later and more likely to overeat? Start the day with a balanced meal centered around a healthy protein. In a rush on weekday mornings? Make a frittata on Sunday night to get you through the first few days of the week. 

Be mindful when you eat out. One good rule of thumb is to check the nutritional information before you get to the restaurant, and pick out what you want to eat ahead of time. Then you will be less tempted, especially as time ticks on and your appetite grows. Another option: Put half your meal in a to go box right when it’s served. Be sure to drink plenty of water with your meal, and try putting your fork down between bites.

Watch what you drink. Juices, cocktails, sodas, beer, wine, smoothies, they all come with calories, often more than you might expect. Be picky, and if you do choose to indulge, remember that moderation is your friend. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water to slow yourself down while staying hydrated. 

Incorporate healthy proteins. Eating a diet rich in protein can support weight loss because it helps the body build lean muscle when combined with exercise, which in turn helps the body burn more calories throughout the day. A protein-rich diet can also help decrease cravings and overeating. 

Stay hydrated. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, it’s important to stay hydrated, especially in the Florida heat. Dehydration can cause hunger pangs, moodiness, and fatigue. Being thirsty can also lead to overeating as your body thinks you are hungry. 

Get enough zzz’s. Studies have found that adults who are sleep-deprived have a 55% higher likelihood of being obese; in children that number jumps to 89%. Aim for 7-8 hours to promote mood, cognition, stress, blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, and healthy hormone levels – including the hormones responsible for hunger and satiation!

Weight loss strategy shouldn’t be about fad diets, crazy deprivation, or misery. It should be a journey of lifestyle changes that balance enjoyment with foundational nutrition to support your health, weight, and fitness goals. 

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