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A clean space isn’t just good for you physically, but has been shown to benefit you mentally as well, including:

Less Stress 

Increased Productivity

Cleaner Indoor Air

Improved Self-Esteem

Better Sleep

 As if this isn’t reason enough, keeping a clean home, office, gym, and other spaces also helps prevent the spread of disease, viruses, and germs. 

Read on for 20 cleaning hacks to help clear your space, your mind, and pesky germs. 

  1. Clean your coffee pot grime with denture tablets – just drop them where the water goes and run a cycle
  2. Use dryer sheets to clean pans
  3. Clean first, disinfect second
  4. Clean a stubborn microwave by heating a bowl of water in it for 4-5 minutes
  5. Disinfect your laptop or computer keyboard with a toothbrush and vinegar
  6. Microwave your sponges for 90 seconds to disinfect them
  7. Freshen up your garbage disposal by running lemon rinds through them
  8. Remove carpet stains with vinegar and a steam iron
  9. Clean and disinfect high-touch areas daily
  10. Remove built-up film on stemware by soaking them in white vinegar for five minutes
  11. Sanitize your cell phone with an alcohol wipe
  12. Remove marker stains from wood with toothpaste
  13. Remember to disinfect your purses and wallets
  14. Buff surfaces with olive oil
  15. Use baking soda and vinegar to declog your sinks
  16. Skip the bucket and go for a spray bottle instead to avoid dirty water splashes
  17. Use a paint roller to clean ceilings and hard to reach places
  18. Spot clean fabrics with baby wipes
  19. Use a pillowcase to clean ceiling fans, that way the dust balls fall inside of it instead of onto the floor or furniture 
  20. Toilet bowl cleaner also works great on tough shower stains

At the Fitness Xperts, keeping a clean, safe, welcoming gym is a top priority. In addition to actively spraying equipment after every use and session, we deep clean every single day. Enjoy the perks of a private gym, contact us for membership, classes, and personal training options – we have a package to fit every budget and goal!

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