Did you know that mindset and attitude play a huge role in your fitness and weight loss journey? 

Research has found that people who approach their goals with a positive mindset are more likely to reach them! They tend to celebrate the small wins, keep a balanced perspective when they get off track, and gain positive momentum as they move forward. Not surprisingly, the reverse is also true. People with a negative attitude tend to view small mistakes or setbacks as large failures. They have a tendency to self-sabotage or even give up entirely before making much progress. 

Our attitude and mindset also impacts our confidence. People who believe in themselves, and who build themselves up instead of tearing themselves themselves down, have a tendency to be more successful at reaching their goals. 

A positive mindset and attitude lead to positive actions – with the bonus of increased motivation and staying on track with reaching our fitness and weight loss goals.

So how do you cultivate a positive attitude and maximize your chances for success?

1) Practice – There are many ways to practice positive thinking. Affirmations are one, reading and listening to positive content is another, and changing the conversation is another. When negative thoughts creep in, challenge the underlying belief and reframe them. For example, if you slipped up on your nutrition plan, rather than tearing yourself apart, reframe it as: This is just a setback and doesn’t have to get me off track with my overall longterm fitness and weight loss goals. I can easily get back on my program and move forward. 

2) Celebrate – No matter how small the win, recognize it, and celebrate it! Often breaking our larger goals into smaller, achievable milestones is just the trick we need to keep positive momentum going. Celebrate your successes along the way, from losing a pound, to starting the week off with a workout, making a healthy meal choice, and every week that you stay consistent with your program. 

3) Recognize Your Beliefs – Are your beliefs limiting you? Question them, change them, and move forward with an intentional choice to believe in yourself! One mistake doesn’t define you as a failure; but every step you take in showing up for yourself DOES! 

4) Prepare – If you know your triggers, you can avoid them! Set yourself up for success by planning ahead. 

5) Self-care Not Punishment – Recognize that eating well and exercising are the ultimate forms of self-care! Rather than punishing yourself for not being where you want to be, focus on taking care of yourself, of loving, nourishing, and exercising your way to your goals in a positive way!

6) Vision Board – Make a digital version or break out the pasteboard, compile inspiring and motivational content to pep you up on days you’re not feeling so positive. Include affirmations, goal pics, and things that really get you in the feeling of having achieved your goals. Similarly, consider keeping a gratitude journal, balancing what you’re thankful for with what you’re working towards and wanting to achieve. 

7) Be Mindful – Meditate! Studies show that it decreases anxiety and stress, and promotes a more positive mood!

8) Get Support – There’s a reason so many people turn to personal trainers and fitness coaches: the combination of knowledge, accountability, and support is the perfect recipe for lasting change! Contact one of our Altamonte Springs personal trainers to take your fitness journey to the next level! We have an expert fitness goal for every level and every goal! 

You have what it takes to succeed — but the first step to that is to make the choice to believe in yourself! See yourself 6 months from now having consistently worked towards your goals. Over time, each small, positive step adds up to lasting change and achievement! Contact us to get started!

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