Reaching your health and fitness goals is about more than just working out. Nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle play a huge role in getting us where we want to be – and helping us sustain the positive results we do get. Read on to learn how to cultivate the lifestyle habits you need for your health and fitness goals – mentally and physically.

Eat Mindfully – research has found that eating slowly is associated with lower BMI. This comes as no surprise, as eating quickly doesn’t give you mind a chance to process fullness as well. Besides potentially eating less, eating mindfully can also make mealtime more enjoyable. Turn off the television, put away the phone and tablet, and take the time to fully experience your meals. Chew each bite mindfully, and savor the flavors. Chances are you will see improvements, mentally as well as physically. 

Plan, Prep and Cook – instead of eating out, cook for yourself. If your schedule tends to run tight, prepare your chicken and meat ahead of time, and split it between the fridge and freezer. Stock up on healthy side items that you can pair with your protein for lunch and dinner. Cook double when you make dinner so you have enough for lunch the next day. Hardboiled eggs and frittatas are also great for breakfast on the go. 

Skip the Sugary Drinks – these can add a lot of unwanted – and often unnoticed – calories. Get in the habit of making sure you drink enough water, and choose healthy options for electrolyte-replacement. Limit fruit juices, and eliminate or at least minimize soda for overall health. Also be mindful when drinking alcohol, as beer, wine, and cocktail mixers can be very high in calories. 

Limit Processed “Foods” – this includes processed carbohydrates, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and vegetable oils. Focus on eating more real, whole foods – healthy, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, proteins, and fats. 

Track Your Calories – if you don’t want to do this daily, at least try a few days a month to get an idea of where you’re at – and what might need to be adjusted to help you reach or maintain your goals. 

Check in With Yourself – are you reaching for a snack because you’re hungry, or are you bored, stressed, or feeling emotional? When you feel cravings hit, try going for a walk, taking a few deep breaths, or engaging in a hobby.

Be Consistent – commit yourself to a fitness regimen, and stick to it. Don’t beat yourself up for missteps or “falling off the wagon,” just get back on track and focus on the long-term.

Stay Positive –  the right mindset will take you farther than negativity ever could. Research has found that our attitudes, moods, and thoughts may play a bigger role in our health and wellbeing than we thought. Consider incorporating motivational podcasts, personal development books, vision boards, gratitude journals, and other tools to cultivate positivity. 

Accountability – this is where we come in 😉 Nothing keeps you accountable and on track like a coach! The right personal trainer will help you reach your goals safely and effectively. Contact us now to get started!