Tanya Swan has been a Pilates instructor for 22 years. In addition she has been a Personal Trainer for 26 years and has worked with several doctors over 7 years doing Physical Therapy. She has learned different forms of therapy and exercise to help clients improve mobility, stamina, body awareness, and physical strength.

She became interested in the field because when she was in her 20’s she was told that she should have a morphine pump and would end up in a wheelchair. She did not accept that as her fate, she believed that you are in control of your body and set out to find alternative therapies and solutions.

Her Certifications include Pilates Coach, MAT, NASM, AFFA, Aerial Bungee, and Fascia Release and Unwinding. Classes by appointment only.

To schedule a Pilates or Personal Training session please contact her at fit4urhealth@yahoo.com or 407-474-4357