Dawn Lipori, Licensed Physical Therapist to the Stars, is the Founder of the Lipori Manual Physical Therapy Center in Orlando, and Developer/Author of “Body 4 Golf”. 

Dawn has been immersed in the professional golf world, working with more than 100 pro golfers from every tour, including the PGA, LPGA, KLPGA, Korean PGA, Nationwide, Nike, Futures, Hooters, Senior and European Tours, in addition to the Nationally Ranked Long Driver, and Collegiate and Junior players. Her clients go beyond golf and span the world of professional sports, including pro athletes from the NBA, MLB, professional football, and water skiing.

Dawn has an extensive background in Manual Therapy and a gift for intuitive healing and sports strategy. Dawn’s expertise as a “body mechanic” includes a multitude of techniques and treatment systems designed to influence body structure and organ systems, as well as focus on joint motion and tissue health. Dawn has repeatedly observed where and why golfers’ bodies break down and what range of motion (ROM) is needed for the swing they desire.

“I love every aspect of what it takes to be a successful professional golfer,” says Dawn.  “I am incredibly enthusiastic about breaking down the body’s role in the golf swing so all golfers can play injury-free for as long as they wish.”

Dawn has been involved in Sports Medicine since her undergraduate work at the University of Central Florida where she completed the required courses and over 3000 hours as a student athletic trainer. She received her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Miami, one of the top ranked PT schools in the nation. In her first year after PT school, Dawn volunteered over 1500 hours in addition to a full-time work schedule in an outpatient sports/ortho facility working with the professional men’s soccer team, The Lions and the select women’s soccer team, The Calibre.

“Throughout my career,” states Dawn, “I have specialized in helping athletes of all ages compete at the highest level their body is capable of attaining.