Yadi is passionate about Jesus and enjoys working out, boating, running on the beach, snow skiing, traveling, reading, laughing, and spending time with family and friends. With over 16 years as a fitness professional, Yadi comes from a strong background in dance and athletics, including cross-training in soccer, softball, track and basketball. Yadi is known for her positive, upbeat personality and her ability to motivate her clients to reach their goals. Whether you are looking to get best a stubborn plateau, or are an advanced athlete looking for the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE, Yadi is your passageway to another level of fitness! Her specialties include: Sports Conditioning & Nutrition, Bootcamp/Kickboxing, Fat Loss & Supplement Programs, Teen Fitness, Eating Disorders, Pre/Post Natal & Rehab

As a personal trainer, I believe in balance and leading by example. I am actually now a better role model & positive example of fitness because I'm teaching others to aim for progress, not perfection. I have been blessed to find my love & calling with a career in Advocare & fitness.


Lee began his journey to fitness when he was 55 years old and had been ill for a decade. He had severe sinus issues and joint pain, and was killing himself with poor eating habits and a complete lack of physical activity. His cholesterol was 401, his blood sugar was 250, and his blood pressure was 200/98; it was time for a change.

Lee built up the knowledge and completely transformed himself, so much so that he was able to compete in his first bodybuilding competition at the age of 60. He went from 310 lbs, a 44 inch waist and over 36% body fat down to 205 lbs, a 34 inch waist, and a consistent and lasting bodyfat % of less than 8%.

Through his journey, Lee learned firsthand how critical training and a healthy eating plan are. He now devotes his life to helping others achieve the new, healthy lifestyle they deserve. Through positive affirmations, proper meal planning, motivational coaching, and bio-mechanically correct resistance training he can help you become the healthy, energetic, & vibrant person you are meant to be!

Tanya is a certified fitness trainer and Orlando Pilates instructor.

Exson has been a winning competitor in everything from Powerlifting to Strongman to Crossfit. He set the American record for his 722 lb squat, qualifying for the 2014 Worlds Competition in Las Vegas. His winnings earned him a sponsorship from Muscle Elements. 

Exson offers X Power Training classes in addition to personal training. His passions are strength training and helping people prep for competitions. Exson is devoted to fitness and family; when he isn't prepping for a competition of his own or training a client, you can find him spending time with his son Elijah. 

Fitness Certifications: ISSA, CF Strongman, ISAW Weight Lifting

John is a UTA Certified Personal Trainer with a bachelor’s in physical education from the University of Central Florida. With over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, John has been a football and weightlifting coach for several major Florida schools including Winter Park High School and the University of Central Florida. He has also worked as a recruiter and competition judge, as well as worked with the Special Olympics on their Motor Activity Training Program (MATP). As a personal trainer at Fitness Xperts, John has made it his mission to help his clients achieve their fitness goals. He offers customized fitness plans to help you reach your goals in a minimal amount of time. 

Stacey is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer in Orlando with a specialty in Functional Fitness.  She enjoys weight lifting, running, and Yoga.

Being in the gym and playing sports for most of my life has helped me develop a passion for overall health and wellness. I became serious about my fitness and health a few years ago when I went through my own journey of getting an office job and becoming sedentary. I had to figure out a way to become healthier and make the time for fitness.

My clientele usually includes those who are short on time. From nurses and retail workers with inconsistent schedules to mothers who are still in school.  I believe every journey is unique so I aim to help people reach their fullest health potential. I get a sense of accomplishment when I see others achieve their goals. I love inspiring others by creating an active lifestyle through weight loss, functional movement, strengthening, and positive body image.

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Darion specializes in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), weight loss, sports specific training, youth fitness, muscle gain, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. 

His mission is to promote the Super Hero in each one of his clients.  One of his big achievements was playing College Football at the College of Faith in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Other interests include sports, working- out at the Gym, always learning new things, reading, the movies, fishing, and video gaming.  Darion can be seen frequently, in between his clients, getting a powerful workout in himself.

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Michael Cullison is a seasoned state Champion Football Coach and Sports Trainer.  His experience is in coaching area football teams and other sports.  Mike's passion is coaching athletes and teaching life lessons.  He was the first starting quarterback of the University of Central Florida.

Along with being a top trainer here at Fitness Xperts, Mike hosts our weekday after-school program for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers.    Ask us for more information about our Tough Bodies Training after- school program.