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Interested in learning how to eat better in order to lose weight, increase energy,
improve performance, get toned, or all of the above?

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If you are interested in learning about improving your health, weight, digestion, energy levels, well-being, sleep, and/or fitness & performance… then contact us (LINK) to learn more and schedule a free consultation.

Now Launching…
ONE/80 Slim Down Program: Lose Weight
ONE/80 Shape Up Program: Improve Fitness

Kortney lost 34 lbs in 80 days with the ONE/80 Slim Down Challenge

ONE/80 programs include:

Supplements specific to your goal for the entire 80 days
A transformation journal
Daily coaching emails
A grocery guide

ONE/80 Slim Down Program:

Kick-start your metabolism and control your appetite!

ONE/80 Shape Up Program:

FUEL your FIRE by super-charging your workouts!


  • a free blender bottle in your color choice
  • a 6 Week Meal Plan & Guide to get started on the right foot
  • 3 free in-gym check-ins that include weight, body fat, and measurements  (before, 6 week mark, & end)… AND…


A) Nutrition Help (free)

  • 80 day unlimited access to online nutrition coaching and accountability via text,  chat, or email… and once a week phone call check-in

B) Training Help (free)

  • 3 personal training exercise sessions w/one of our Xpert Trainers
  • *BONUS is only available for a limited time and only 1 use per person. After the initial 80 days… we will advise you & adjust your meal plans and supplements to keep you on track towards your health and fitness goals!
  • Every Accomplishment Begins With The Willingness To Try!

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