Jake Foutz leaves his career in Vacation Rental Management to take on a bright future in Health and Fitness.  Owning a gym has been a dream of his for the past several years, and now has the opportunity to change lives through fitness and proper nutrition.  He is committed to bringing back Community to Fitness Xperts and making it an exceptional private neighborhood gym.

Jake was always involved in the gym life and enjoyed lifting weights.  However, he found that he wasn’t reaching the results he wanted.  Instead of getting lean and strong, he was taking on surplus weight and having frequent pains.  He took on a strict fitness challenge in 2011 and it changed his life for the better!

As a result, he dropped 70 lbs., earned a defined body, and has maintained for over six years.  He learned how to eat and fuel his body properly.  Jake has taken on an impressive running career, spanning over 3 years.  He is committed to Leading By Example and to help others reach and surpass their Health and Fitness Goals as well.