Fitness Xperts Gym in Altamonte Springs, Florida is home to the Best Certified Personal Trainers in the Orlando area.  Each one of our Trainers are specialized in various fitness capabilities.  Here, you'll find Trainers ready to assist in Strength Training, Functional Fitness (CrossFit), Boxing and Kick Boxing, High- Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Sports Performance, Massage Therapy, Pilates, and much more!  Which Trainer relates more to your Goals in Fitness?

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Hannah True is not only one of our great personal trainers, but she also operates a meal prep business as well.  With Hannah, you not only receive a customized training program, but also a meal plan tailored to your goals.  She obtained a Bachelor's of Science degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology from the University of Florida, where she learned about the body and nutrition. Her passion grew for people who lack proper nutrition.


Amie Blackwood is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelor of Sports and Fitness from the University of Central Florida. She customizes each workout to reach each Client’s personal goals.  Amie also has a Physical Therapist Assistant degree from Seminole State College, where she can work with individuals with various injuries or conditions to help restore, maintain or improve physical function. 


Exson Rodriguez has been a winning competitor in everything from Powerlifting to Strongman and CrossFit. He set the American record for his 722 lb. squat, qualifying for the 2014 Worlds Competition in Las Vegas. His winnings earned him a sponsorship from Muscle Elements.  Specializations include strength training and helping Clients prep for competition.  Exson is devoted to fitness and family.  When he isn’t prepping for competition or training a Client, you can find him spending time with his son, Elijah.  Certifications include ISSA, CF Strongman, ISAW Weight Lifting.

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Jesse Wolford leads by example day in and day out.  Born with cerebral palsy, he was determined to beat the weaknesses brought on by the disability.  He fell in love with fitness in his teenage years after wanting to improve on his weaknesses and build confidence.  “When I lifted weights for the first time, my whole life changed.  I felt good about myself.  With what I have experienced, and what fitness has done for me, lead me to want to help others reach their Goals.”  Jesse has trained many Clients with different goal sets, backgrounds, lifestyles, limitations and injuries.  Not only is he qualified to help in fitness, but also in nutrition.  Tone Up, lose body fat (weight), or gain muscle mass with the help of Jesse Wolford, a graduate in Sports Medicine from Manatee Community College and Psychology from the University of Central Florida.  Certifications include PTA Global, NASM, and Precision Nutrition.  Board- Certified for over Twenty Years!


Lee Viersen began his journey to fitness when he was 55 years old after being ill for a decade.  His cholesterol was 401, blood sugar was 250, and his blood pressure was 200/98.  Plagued by severe sinus issues, joint pain, horrible diet and lack of physical activity, he knew it was time for a change!

Lee got educated and completely transformed himself.  He competed in his first bodybuilding competition at 60 years old! Through his journey, Lee learned firsthand how critical training and a healthy eating plan are. He now devotes his life to helping others achieve the new, healthy lifestyle they deserve. Through positive affirmations, proper meal planning, motivational coaching, and bio-mechanically correct resistance training, he can help you become the healthy, energetic, and vibrant person you were meant to be!


Yadi Schulz is passionate about Jesus and enjoys working out, boating, running on the beach, snow skiing, traveling, reading, laughing, and spending time with family and friends. With over 16 years as a fitness professional, Yadi comes from a strong background in dance and athletics, including cross-training in soccer, softball, track and basketball. She is known for her positive, upbeat personality and her ability to motivate clients to reach their goals. Her specialties include Sports Conditioning and Nutrition, Bootcamp/Kickboxing, Fat Loss and Supplement Programs, Teen Fitness, Eating Disorders, Pre/Post Natal and Rehab

As a personal trainer, I believe in balance and leading by example. I am now a better role model and positive example of fitness because I'm teaching others to aim for progress, not perfection. I have been blessed to find my love and calling with a career in Advocare and fitness.